Okan Buruk: He became the symbol of Galatasaray

Galatasaray defeated RAMS Başakşehir 2-1 away in the 6th week of the Trendyol Super League and picked up their 4th win in a row. The goals for the yellow-reds were scored by Hakim Ziyech in the 43rd minute and Mauro Icardi in the 50th minute.

After the game, coach Okan Buruk commented on the game.

“It was a tough away game. We wanted to make our own game. We played more vertically. Ziyech really got the ball in the right places. That way we had a chance to do more action. We conceded an unfortunate goal.” We conceded an unfortunate goal when Hakim left the game. After the 2:1 the opponent had more power. “They contribute to the game. Overall it’s good. Only Kazımcan’s injury upset us. That will become apparent later.” MRI tomorrow.

“Today’s gain is that at least Abdülkerim shows a good performance there. An outside observer can now see Abdülkerim as a left-back. We make the plan in our minds before the game. Because of the 3 Turk rule, we made a plan of what would happen.” This is what will happen if Kazımcan and Barış come out. If there is an early injury there. We said we would put Abdülkerim there and get Kaan. It’s difficult for a defender to switch back and forth. To see what he can do there. Letting Hakim play “Being in 10th place is also an advantage. We saw that just like the 3 points. Kaan is the same way. He gets along well with Davinson. They have become a duo.”

“Galatasaray has a symbol like Icardi. When we see these, people become happy. We see that Galatasaray has changed a lot in a year. Galatasaray fans are happy, I am happy. We will continue to make Galatasaray fans happy.”


In a statement at the post-match press conference, Buruk stated that the away game against RAMS Başakşehir was difficult and said: “We expected them to come out with more morale after their win last week. We had positions. The goal we scored.” “We were able to take the lead towards the end of the first half. It stayed with us until a certain part of the second half. “It was a good game. After we took a 2-0 lead, we always had the ball. When Ziyech got injured and left, we only had 10 men. We conceded the goal in that minute. That was bad luck for us. After that we had positions again. If we look at the overall game, it is the team that deserves to win today. “I think we’re there. Three points are important for us. We won four games in a row. We are currently leaders. We want to continue that,” he said.

Okan Buruk emphasized that they have a high tempo and said: “We want to keep winning in this game traffic. We are trying to gradually integrate our players who are not yet ready into the team. Galatasaray will be even stronger if they give their best performance.” he said.

Buruk explained that they conceded a goal as soon as they tried to bring Zaha into the game, saying: “Ziyech went off the field for a substitution. As Zaha was about to enter, the referee saw the ring on his finger. He didn’t see it.” Tape it up. He asked him to take it off. Meanwhile, Kerem changed his position. This rarely happens for us. But we learned a lesson from that.” gave his assessment.

– “I think Sanchez made a significant contribution to the team”

Okan Buruk expressed his satisfaction with the performance of defender Davinson Sanchez, who was playing his first game for Galatasaray, saying:

“Sanchez wanted to start the game in the first eleven anyway. We wanted to rest Nelsson. I think Sanchez has made a significant contribution to the team. Both his aerial balls and his ability to move the team forward… He was ready and motivated compared to his first game. He also provided significant support to the team by speaking from the back. Kaan Ayhan also played very well. I also really liked Abdülkerim’s performance. It is not easy for a central defender to play as a left-back. I think he played so well too. The first thing that remains in our pocket today is that Abdülkerim plays at left-back and the second thing is that Ziyech does in the number 10 position. “It showed he could do it. “This” was positive feedback for us.”

When asked about the quota for foreign football players, Buruk said: “Maybe there will be a workshop at the foreign football border. That happened last year too. I don’t think a workshop will change anything. I respect the decision made.” Such a decision has been made and we are adapting to it. Our squad structure is also: “We will set it up accordingly.” He commented:

On the appointment of Vincenzo Montella as coach of the national football team, Okan Buruk said: “A change has taken place. May it be good for our country and the national team. We have an important opportunity. We have nothing to lose.” I think the chance of us getting out of this group is 90 percent. Don’t get out.” “Our probability is very high. I hope it will be beneficial for our country. I wish our new coach every success.” A decision has been made. Our duty is to support,” the statement made

– “Icardi is getting in shape day by day”

Regarding the physical condition of their striker Mauro Icardi, the yellow-red coach said: “Icardi didn’t have an early season camp with us. He joined the team very late. We added him to the team very quickly. He’s trying his best. We follow him. He has lost weight and his fat percentage has decreased. He’s getting fitter day by day. His quality, his performance in the game, his intelligence and his goalscoring abilities surpass many things. That’s why he’s getting in shape day by day. We always use it. In the next few games we might not give him a rest if he gets tired. “Maybe we have a chance.” he said.

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