Gaziantep FK-Pendikspor: 2-2 (MATCH RESULT)

Gaziantep FK and Pendikspor faced each other in the 19th week of the Trendyol Super League. The game, in which four goals were scored, ended in a 2-2 draw.

The southeastern team took a 2-0 lead thanks to goals from Denis Draguş in the 12th minute and Ogün Özçiçek in the 49th minute.

Pendikspor, which made a great comeback in the last episode, made it 2-2 and got 1 point with goals from Erdem Özgenç from the penalty spot in the 77th minute and Erencan Yardımcı in the 80th minute.

While Sumudica's team Gaziantep increased its points to 20 with this result, Pendikspor, which is in 19th place and has not won in the last 6 games, increased its points to 15.


Gaziantep FK scored a goal in the 12th minute. When the team attacked from the right wing, Dragus met a pass from Mustafa Eskihellaç in the penalty area, whose shot from the left side went into the net from goalkeeper Erdem Canpolat: 1-0.

In the 43rd minute, during Pendikspor's attack in midfield, Halil Akbunar, who controlled Sequeirra's pass behind the defense with his chest at the point near the penalty area, cleared goalkeeper Nita's shot.

In the 48th minute, the home team increased the difference to 2. Maxim, who received the ball from the defense on the left diagonal of the penalty area, left it to Ogün Özçiçek near the goal area. Özçiçek's hard shot from the right landed in goalkeeper Erdem Canpolat's goal: 2-0.

In the 77th minute, the guests reduced the difference to 1. After Djilobodji's intervention against Kappel, referee Çağdaş Altay showed the penalty point after a VAR check. Erdem Özgenç, who took control of the ball, sent the ball into the net from the right side of goalkeeper Nita. 2-1.

Siltaş Yapı Pendikspor equalized in the 80th minute. Erencan Yardimci, who received the ball from Gökcan Kaya in the middle during the team's attack from the right, shot the ball into the net: 2-2.

In the 86th minute, during Siltaş Yapı Pendikspor's attack, Halil Akbunar sent a ball towards the goal in the penalty area, but Djilobodji at the foot of the goal cleared it with his head.

Stadion: galleon

Referee: Çağdaş Altay, Kerem Ersoy, Serkan Çimen

Gaziantep FK: Nita, Djilobodji, Nkoulou, Arda Kızıldağ, M'Bakata, Ogün Özçiçek (Min. 82 Oğulcan Çağlayan), Jevtovic, Mustafa Eskihellaç, Maxim (Min. 85 Brayan), Markovic (Min. 67 Furkan Soyalp), Dragus

Siltaş Yapı Pendikspor: Erdem Canpolat, Sequeirra, Alparslan Öztürk, Berkay Sülüngöz, Serkan Asan (Min. 65 Erdem Özgenç), Gökcan Kaya (Min. 90 Abdoulay Diaby), Lusamba, Fredrik Midtsjö, Emre Taşdemir (Min. 65 Kapel), Erencan Yardımcı, Halil Akbunar

Goals: Minimum. 12 Dragus, Min. 48 Ogün Özçiçek (Gaziantep FK), Min. 77 Erdem Özgenç (Penalty), Min. 80 Erencan Yardimci (Siltaş Yapı Pendikspor)

Yellow cards: Minimum. 32 Ogün Özçiçek, Min. 74 Djilobodji (Gaziantep FK), Min. 45+1 Sequeirra, Min. 56 Lusamba, Min. 70 Endri Çekiçi, Min. 82 Alpaslan Öztürk, Min. 82 Gökcan Kaya, Min. 83 Fredrik Midtsjö (Siltaş Yapi Pendikspor)

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