Bülent Uygun in Sivasspor: I have never experienced anything like this in my life – last minute news from Sivasspor

Sivasspor coach Bülent Uygun made a statement after the Galatasaray game.

Bülent Uygun said: “We had some problems as a team. There were people who wanted to leave. Before the game, I had never experienced so much chaos in my life. We explained that. We analyzed the opponent. I considered it and explained it.” Showed the children a system they had never played before and they executed it very well. We gave 1-2 positions and got into the position. We found positions that could leave the game with 3 points. We had a lot of shortcomings, they were important shortcomings for us. Still, it's important to understand the point. I just ask our spectators to take your season tickets with you. We will all protect Sivasspor together. After that, “I hope we go from success to success together,” he said.

Uygun also said: “There is a game in three days, there were people who wanted to go this morning. They have terminated their contract. We will play the game in three days. There is no halftime. We experienced situations that we did not expect and did not want. We will resolve this as quickly as possible. We will work out a good plan together.” did.

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