BEŞİKTAŞ NEWS – Şenol Güneş: We played defensively – last minute news from Beşiktaş

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş said: “With the changes we made after conceding the goal, we captured the goal. It was an exciting game. Even though they were superior to us in terms of play, we achieved our goal by getting the draw.”

In the first game of Group D of the UEFA Europa Conference League, Beşiktaş drew 1-1 away against Club Brugge. After the game, Şenol Güneş, the coach of the black and white team, assessed the game at the press conference.

Explaining that they had been partners in the game since the middle of the first half, Şenol Güneş said: “We tried to stop ourselves by putting pressure on the front. They always tried to limit us to our own field and score goals with their attacks. Brought from the wings. They had succeeded from time to time. They stayed in our field longer in the 15 or 20 minutes of the first half. Corners Their numbers were high and they are a good team with set pieces. We joined The game ended halfway through the first half. They tried the same thing again at the start of the second half. Let’s at least have an advantage if we leave here with a draw and go back to our home field because they are one “We saw it as a team that would be our rival. We caught the goal with the changes we made after conceding the goal. It was an exciting game. Even though they were technically superior to us. “We achieved our goal with a draw,” he said.

“As of today, our opponent is superior to us”

Şenol Güneş explained that Club Brugge gave them the advantage in the game: “We thought of Ege to keep Vanaken in the middle and control the midfield, especially in the attacks that they brought down the wings in the second half. He was also very successful.” He missed a position and we conceded the goal. Because he is also a smart player. They created positions with attacks on the wings. Mert came from time to time and played successfully. Cenk needed this after a long time. Last game we started at the beginning of the game and took him out. Now, even if it takes a while, he contributes more. “He did it, he was thrilled. All players were thrilled. That was important to me, the others are things.” That can be corrected. As I said yesterday, there was no game in which the opponent was superior to us, but today the opponent was superior to us. We had to decide to stay on defense a little bit,” he said.


Güneş explained that Bailly, who was added to the team in the final days of the transfer, was successful despite not being fully physically ready:

“If we look at the team as a whole, we have players who had a pre-season at the start of the season and players who came later. It is true that we are going through a fluctuation. This is a normal thing. We try hard to increase the performance of the players and let them play in team harmony. As in the case of Cenk. We have also been supporting Ege since the beginning of the season. “We’re bringing him into the game. He has self-confidence. I.” I think he’s positive and playing well. Our defenders were good too. One of them came back from injury, Amartey had a minor illness. Bailly is tired too. He’s not perfect both competitively and physically, but I think he’s successful.”

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