Flash words from Salih Uçan after Nefçi Baku’s game in Beşiktaş!

Besiktas, who defeated Neftçi Baku 3-1 in the UEFA Conference League 3rd qualifying round, made a statement after the fight.


I’m more comfortable with 8. I can play doubles 6, but I’d say number 8 is where I’m most comfortable.

The story of each game is different. Sometimes 3 midfielders, sometimes double midfielders. It also depends on the opponent. Ever since I started playing soccer, I’ve played 6s and 8s, including on national teams. I felt uncomfortable playing 10th place. I’ve always felt comfortable in number 8.

In some games, you get into a lot of double fights and win the ball, reducing your attacking efficiency. Sometimes the opposite. The reason why I won the jersey in Beşiktaş was the habit of keeping the ball to myself and passing it. I like to do positions like assist by assist. Many more score contributions are expected of me. I try to keep defense and offense at the same pace.

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