“Why isn’t the Federation taking action?” Referee discussions in the Transition Game, the 11th week of the Super League and the games of our representatives were discussed.

Mehmet Ayan, sports broadcast coordinator of Ciner Media, Cem Dizdar, chief journalist, and Ahmet Selim Kul, deputy coordinator of Ciner Media Sports Publications, talked about the referee discussions that have been on the agenda recently, the 11th week of the Super League and our representatives in Europe in transition Game show broadcast on Habertürk TV. He discussed the games he will play

Entrance: 11/07/2023 – 01:18 To update: 11/07/2023 – 01:18


 "Why isn't the Federation taking action?"

In the Transition Game, which was broadcast on Habertürk TV, Ciner Medya sports broadcast coordinator Mehmet Ayan, master journalist Cem Dizdar and Ciner Medya sports broadcast deputy coordinator Ahmet Selim Kul took the x-ray of the week.

In addition to the comments on the games Fenerbahçe – Trabzonspor, Galatasaray – Kasımpaşa, Antalyaspor – Beşiktaş, the referee discussions that have been on the agenda in the last few days were also discussed.

Evaluating Fenerbahçe President Ali Koç’s more than two-hour speech, Ahmet Selim Kul said: “Why doesn’t the association take action regarding these allegations? Do these allegations only seem strange to us? If there is a reaction, the If the problem is brought to the club competition, these are normal. The association must take action.

MEHMET AYAN shared the financial details of the Super Cup

It was decided that it would be held in Saudi Arabia on December 29th; Mehmet Ayan talked about the TFF Super Cup match where Fenerbahçe and Galatasaray had a board decision to play the match in Turkey and shared the financial details.

Sharing the official information he received from the authorities, Mehmet Ayan said: “I am neither party nor opinion. TFF President Mehmet Büyükekşi receives approval from Galatasaray and Fenerbahçe twice, and all details will be communicated to the clubs in a confirmed manner. Later.”, a decision will be made and a declaration of intent will be made in this direction. Is there a written agreement? “No, but it says ‘It’s the TFF decision, we accept it’.” This is the information I received from the TFF “It is official that the Supercup champions will earn 2.2 million euros. The losing team will earn 1.8 million euros,” he said.


Evaluating the Fenerbahçe-Trabzonspor match, which the maroon team won 3-2, Cem Dizdar said: “It is an inexplicable situation with shocking goals. Trabzon has played two similar games. And this one against Beşiktaş at home.” Even if the score is different, it is a similar game. Wait.”, work on the rooms behind. “I can’t call that an individual mistake.” Well, then it’s a team mistake, you clear the space, “That’s a technical problem. This has to be trained. After all, he is a national player,” he said.

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