Flash words from Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi! Resignation, transfer, TFF, MHK, Galatasaray…

Beşiktaş President Ahmet Nur Çebi answered the questions one by one at the press conference he held at the Beşiktaş Stadium. Çebi declared he had no intention of resigning and, while discussing transfer studies and sponsorship deals, fired a salvo at arch-rivals Galatasaray.

The highlights of Çebi’s words are as follows:

There has been artificial pressure put on Beşiktaş and me recently. I think we need to explain some things. I try to address the club’s real problems without putting on a show.

I wanted to hold this meeting when we are at the end of large sponsorship deals and contracts that will generate about 600-700 million TL in revenue in a few weeks. But this time I had to prefer it.


I’m at work. I have a family. I have had Covid four times, I may have health problems. I have to deal with my work. I went through a period where I was put in a difficult situation by my co-workers and financially harassed due to my absence from my company.

If everyone doesn’t see me in front of the media, they say I’m not doing my job. You can do whatever you want with me, but don’t harm Beşiktaş. I am a president who came to Beşiktaş at the most difficult time.

The power is out, the staff is in disarray, no one has received a salary for six months and there are many enforcement files circulating. Today I’m trying to run a club where all debts are paid off immediately, and we don’t embarrass anyone.


While everyone was sitting at home during Covid, I contracted Covid four times and broke my arm. Well done, I give my head too. I will not leave these evil people alone. I know it like that.

Süleyman Seba said to me: “You look like me.” “You are a president who will not jeopardize the rights of Beşiktaş to anyone,” he said. I try to be like Süleyman Seba when it comes to Beşiktaş. I don’t know how much I can achieve.

Social media came to the fore, courage was destroyed. I’m here until the end. Until the Beşiktaş Congress said: “You are done here”! I won’t leave if someone else tells me to leave. I have great respect for Congress. I’m responsible there.

“Those who made you scream in the transcendences are clear”

I don’t have any problems with the fans. I do everything to make the fans happy. It’s obvious who made her scream in the stands. I bow my head to those who shout with all their heart.

I only have one request from you. Let go, support the team, finish the game. When the game is over, shout whatever you want to me. As long as Beşiktaş wins.

“You write it knowing it’s a lie.”

A friend on YouTube says: “The star will not be broadcast.” He is doing this for the trailer. They don’t ask, they don’t even research. Look at former journalists, they all do research.

The journalist from Egypt called me about Muleka and said: “I don’t write lies.” “I have to learn,” he says. Our people write even though they know it is a lie.

On TV the white seats look like the stadium is empty. We have sold 20,000 season tickets, I receive messages every day for another 10,000. There are still people who want to buy tickets. There is space in the stadium, but ask why.

They immediately say: “You didn’t make a star transfer, the fans were offended.” The empty parts belong to the fans with football tickets. If they couldn’t come that day, we said, “Transfer it.” What should we do if the transmission doesn’t happen? Please pay attention to the transfer process. Our ticket prices are lower than those of the competition.


I don’t know how they do a 10 lira transfer for 1 lira. I will not bother Beşiktaş with fraud and scraps. I can’t forge documents. I can’t throw Beşiktaş into the fire! This is the subject of TFF, they will look into it.

If TFF is honest, open and transparent, it will look into this. Ali Koç: “I gave 10 million, how did they get it for 3 million?” Will he not take your words seriously? There are situations here that lead to relegation.

Trust me, believe me, I’m trying to do the right thing. In a few weeks you’ll see what kind of sponsorships we announce.


Our phone number is out there. I’ll put it on the website anyway! When Gedson Fernandes came, you destroyed everything! Ghezzal, the opposing team sent their coach and manager for Rosier 3-5 times. We bought them! We bought it with all our hearts. This is not possible with cheap money!

We have to create peace within the team. There are lower and upper limits that we set. If I cross these boundaries, I disturb the peace in the team. This is how we will be successful.

Didn’t we win four cups with 13 players during the pandemic? Later we also carried out star transfers. Pjanic, Alex, Dele Alli… All hell broke loose, the result? Sometimes if it doesn’t happen, it doesn’t happen. Let’s wait, are you there? Let’s wait a bit to see the results. Why the rush?


I will not move to Beşiktaş by selling the place. I will watch games in this stadium after I become president. God asked, “Where is the money?” May God keep you from hearing your words.

After a week or two, you will see how Beşiktaş finds sponsors! You will see which big brands and which Beşiktaş fans we do this with. Beşiktaş cannot enter into a sponsorship agreement with any company!

“He gave up his income because of family pressure”

Since Ceyhun Kazancı left, I have not been able to appear before you because of the work I did in his place. He gave up his job under pressure from his family. I thank him too.


To the linesman in the Pendikspor game: “How could you stay in the womb for seven months and not wait half a minute to raise the flag?” Did you ask?

When the game was 1-0, thank you Şenol Güneş, thank you team. If it’s 1-1, damn management. Friends, be consistent. If it succeeds, we also have the right.


Halil Dervişoğlu transfer scam, shall we explain? This friend’s father calls Şenol’s coach and says: “My son wants to play in Beşiktaş, but after what he experienced in Galatasaray, he doesn’t want to go there.” says. The Lord said: “Galatasaray gave 3 lira more…” for his son who will not go to Galatasaray. Şenol Hodja said: “A man with this mentality is of no use to me, let him go.” Is this a transfer fraud? Yeah right? Because that’s how they sell it. But we can’t sell Rashica. The fans’ anger at me. Solve your problems with me.


We made Tadic an offer, he asked us 2.5 times the amount. Şenol Hodja “Never. “Let’s not disturb the peace in the team,” he said. The man has been a coach for years and knows football psychology better than any of us. His words apply to me. We didn’t sign a player that the coach and technical team didn’t want.


Someone else paid for Tayyip Talha’s flight, we took it. This transfer was not stolen. We brought Rashica with us and it wasn’t a transfer scam. Friends, we have no business pretending. We will play our game on the field.

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