FENERBAHÇE NEWS – Transfer announcement from İsmail Kartal! President for the transfer of number 6… -…

Fenerbahçe defeated MKE Ankaragücü 1-0 away in Week 4 of the Trendyol Super League. Fenerbahçe coach İsmail Kartal made a statement at the post-match press conference.

“We didn’t have the opportunity to prepare for the game in Ankara.”

Kartal, who began his speech by congratulating the Turkish women’s national volleyball team for winning the European Championship, said: “We did not have the opportunity to prepare for the Ankaragücü game. We play a game every three to four days that we came out of.” It was an intense game, but still, even if it is static, little and visual, I think that we Ankaragücü analyzed well and did so well with our training prepared as much as possible for this game. We could have won the game earlier. We had very clear positions, but that didn’t happen. We managed to win the game with a goal that we scored towards the end of the game. We had many positions. And we were able to rate one of them. Ankaragücü team is also a “Good team. They have good players, they have a good understanding of the game. They also fought well. They had a few positions but we won. We won this intense game tonight and achieved our 9th official victory,” he commented.

“I think the international break will be good for us”

When a journalist reminded them of winning nine official games, Kartal said: “We have to separate the game against Twente. It’s not an easy team at all. It has a very high pace because if we look at all the data, both teams have physical data about the Champions League games. From there we have come this far. This means I could only prepare my players with analysis before I prepared in the evening. Still, we have an established game, but we’re still not done with it. We still have minor defects. Some of my players still need to fully get used to the game. We expect them to recover and adapt as quickly as possible. We will work on it. National “I think the break in play will be good for us,” he said.

“Once Livakovic recovers, he will be our main goalkeeper”

Kartal evaluated İrfan Can Eğribayat’s performance and said: “Today Livakovic had a slight muscle strain or strain during the week.” According to our doctor’s report, he said: “There is a risk.” “If we take this risk and let him play and something happens, we won’t be able to play him for another three to four weeks,” he said. That’s why I didn’t take that risk. I included him in the squad and wanted him to be part of the team so he could adapt to the team. He wanted that too. He was also very happy. İrfan has performed really well in the last few games. I congratulate him too. İrfan could play in some games. “There are injuries, suspensions and we play a game every three to four days. That can happen, but as soon as Livakovic recovers, Livakovic will be our first goalkeeper.”


When asked about the number 6 transfer, Kartal replied as follows:

“Our president and our managers are working hard on this issue, but of course it is not easy. Since these are the last days of the transfer, we want to buy the good, quality players we need. Of course we also hold consultations.” I hope that something good can happen.” “I do. Our president and managers are continuing that process here.”

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