İbrahim Yıldız wrote: Gedson difference

Beşiktaş defeated Fatih Karagümrük 1-0 away in the first week of Super League. The Habertürk writer İbrahim Yıldız wrote about Beşiktaş’s victory in Karagümrük.

Here is Yildiz’ review:

Beşiktaş started the Super League by beating Karagümrük.

The game’s prominent name, Gedson, was the name who scored three points with a beautiful shot from outside the box.

The first half of the game played in the Olympic Stadium literally put the audience to sleep.

In a way, 45 minutes with no pace, no positions was wasted.

The newcomers of the black and white were not in the starting XI. They came into play later.

Karagümrük, one of the best teams of last year, gave a weak picture this time.

The second half of the game was different. Besiktas players, who understood the seriousness of the task, found the positions they wanted when they increased the tempo a bit.

We can say that the penalty team that escaped in the 48th minute was flogged.

Karagümrük’s Argentinian goalkeeper Dituro saved the miss from goalscorer Aboubakar.

Dituro looked like a good goalkeeper when he saved a penalty in his first game.

Aboubakar missed a penalty and also deflected a shot off the post.

Onur was another good player on the field after Gedson. His hard shot came first off the keeper and then back off the post.

These positions were unfortunate for Beşiktaş.

The game became exciting when the Black and Whites, who were almost on foot in the first half, increased the tempo a little in the second half.

Beşiktaş players’ desire, desire and struggle for victory attracted attention.

Judging by the contribution of the new transfers to the team, it is clear that the Black and Whites will be a stronger side.

Şenol Güneş may have thought that the new players weren’t quite ready when he brought last year’s team onto the field.

But it is necessary to open a separate paragraph for Gedson. He showed himself again as the only ball carrier and good passer of the team.

The unluckiest of the day was of course Aboubakar. He missed a penalty, a ball bounced off the post. In a way, he was unlucky.

The referee could not meet the standard in some positions. It was strange that he made different decisions on elbows that came in the opponent’s face.

The enthusiastic and enthusiastic game shown in the second half delighted the fans.

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