Şenol Güneş’s referee’s comment after the Beşiktaş-Pendikspor game! “It’s hard when we talk”

Beşiktaş coach Şenol Güneş made a statement after the Pendikspor game. The experienced technician’s explanations are as follows:

“Football is played on the field, it is not won without being played, there can be surprises. This happened to us today. We had to win, we have positions in the first half in the second half. The number of opponent’s attacks is.” Low. We wanted to catch the ball, pass the ball and see the players, but that didn’t happen. “A penalty was taken between the defenders and we conceded the goal. No matter what happened, we didn’t have to give up this position.” . Our biggest problem was that our pressure wasn’t good today.”


“In the second half we couldn’t catch the ball either up front or in the middle. They don’t have effective attacks, but we needed to create more positions. Physically we were tired because of the flood. In the first.” In the half they played half field. . In football sometimes luck can’t smile. We definitely had to win. There were clear positions, we couldn’t take them. We’re sorry.”

“We had to break the game”

“We made changes because there was an opponent. We wanted players who could catch and manage the ball, but we couldn’t do that. We also had difficulties in reception, we put a strain on the defence. We had clear chances with Aboubakar and Chamberlain but we couldn’t score. We had to stop the game.”


“There is no reason to talk about the referees. What is the referee, what is VAR. When we talk it’s hard, there’s no reason. We’re sitting on our floor anyway, we don’t talk much. Aut, not.” a goal. If it’s not an aut, then I don’t know. I don’t know if it’s a penalty. Since the referee made a decision, I think he saw it and gave it.”

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