Kevin De Bruyne: This trophy is very important for both the club and our fans

Manchester City meet Inter in the UEFA Champions League final tomorrow at 22:00 CEST at the Atatürk Olympic Stadium. Kevin De Bruyne and Ruben Dias, who play for Manchester City, made statements at the press conference at the stadium where the pre-match fight will be held. De Bruyne said they are close to winning the Champions League trophy.

The veteran player echoed the words of Inter coach Simone Inzaghi: “Manchester City are the best team at the moment” and said: “We’re trying to be the best team that we can be. The trophies we won in England also gave us a chance.” “Lots of confidence. We’re good in both defense and attack. We’re working,” he said.


The Belgian player explained that he has very good communication with Erling Haaland, saying: “A teammate who understands what you want. Incredible fast. This offers the team great comfort. We’ve played differently in the last few games. He knows better how to play tomorrow.

“It won’t be a very open game”

Kevin De Bruyne explained they have to be patient in tomorrow’s game: “We have to remember what kind of team they are.” We have to be.

Explaining that the season has lasted a long time but he has enough energy as a team, the Belgian player finished his words by saying: “Everyone has enough energy for tomorrow’s game. It was more difficult to prepare mentally this season. I can say that we feel mentally more tired. Maybe that will change after the final.” .

Ruben Dias: The biggest mistake we can make is to forget that this is a final.

Ruben Dias pointed out that her goal for the whole season is to play in the final of this cup, saying: “The biggest mistake we can make is to forget that this is a final. Every year is different. If we look at the club we see “I have a very good coach. We’re a team that performs very well, especially when it comes to defence.” “The final. Our goal was the final tomorrow night,” he said.


Noting that every player in the team has a responsibility, the Portuguese player said: “Everyone in our team has the same feeling. When the time is right, all my teammates will do what they have to do. All the players in this squad.” “We’ve come from different places in the past. We came together for a single purpose,” he said.


Dias explained that they are a great team and therefore expectations are always high: “We love the pressure. This pressure has been on us for a long time. We are under pressure to run more, to concentrate more. We want to enjoy everything.” of it. We want to make everyone happy. ‘, he said.


Ruben Dias said that Inter’s forwards are very high-profile names: “It’s not going to be an easy thing. It is definitely not an easy task ahead of us. Inter doesn’t just consist of 2-3 players. We have to be careful with all players. We.” “We shouldn’t make the mistakes we made before,” said Ruben Dias.

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