Latest news Fenerbahçe Opet-VakıfBank: 2-3 (MATCH RESULT) – VakıfBank is the champion in the Champions Cup!

VakıfBank became champions of the AXA Sigorta Women’s Volleyball Champions Cup by defeating Fenerbahçe Opet 3-2. The yellow-blacks defeated their opponent in sets 25-23, 22-25, 25-22, 23-25 ​​​​and 12-15 and brought the giant cup to the museum for the 5th time.

Entrance: Oct 11, 2023 – 9:32 p.m To update: Oct 11, 2023 – 11:35 p.m


    VakıfBank is the champion in the Champions Cup!

In women’s volleyball, last year’s Sultans League champions Fenerbahçe Opet and VakıfBank, which brought Cup Volley to its museum, faced each other in the AXA Sigorta Champions Cup.

While the match at TVF Burhan Felek Vestel Volleyball Hall was breathtaking, VakıfBank became champions by defeating their opponents 3-2.

Fenerbahçe Opet started the game well. Although VakıfBank recovered through Gabi’s points and found an even score, the yellow and dark blue team, which was effective in the last part with Fedorovtseva, finished the first set 25:23 ahead and took a 1-0 lead.

VakıfBank started the second set with a 5-1 series. The yellow-dark blue team recovered with the inclusion of Eda Erdem in the game and reduced the difference to 2 points (13-11), and the visiting team went into a break. When Fenerbahçe Opet returned from the break, he won two consecutive block points with Aslı Kalaç and took the lead with Eda Erdem’s ACE points: 14-13. VakıfBank, which took the lead again with a 3-0 series (15:16), did not give up the lead and won the set 25:22, resulting in a 1-1 draw.

Fenerbahçe Opet took the lead with Fedorovtseva in the third set, which started with shared points, increasing the score to 15-11. Although VakıfBank responded to Stysiak’s effective play both in defense and in attack with Gabi, the yellow-dark blue team, which was successful in the serves in the last part, ended the set with 25:22 and took the lead again: 2:1.

Fenerbahçe Opet started the fourth set well and was leading 7-4 at the first break. Although the yellow and dark blue extended their lead to 5 points (9:4) after the break, VakıfBank equalized at 16:16 and then took the lead at 16:17. The yellow-blacks, who didn’t allow their opponents to equalize in the further course, got the equalizer back with a set win of 25:23:2:2.

Fenerbahçe Opet started the final set with Stysiak’s point, and VakıfBank took a 9-5 lead and gained the upper hand in attack. VakıfBank, which won the right to 3 match points in the last episode, brought the trophy to its museum by winning the set 15:12 and the match 3:2.


VakıfBank, which brought the Champions Cup to its museum for the fifth time, was able to catch up with its arch-rival Eczacıbaşı Dynavit in this area. While Eczacıbaşı and VakıfBank won five Giant Cup championships, Fenerbahçe Opet achieved happy endings four times.

Living room: Burhan Felek

Referee: The Age of the Bard Sarıkaya, Ramazan Çevik

Fenerbahçe Opet: Meliha Diken, Eda Erdem Dündar, Drca, Fedorovtseva, Aslı Kalaç, Stysiak (Gizem Örge, Meryem Boz, Cansu Çetin, Buse Ünal)

VakifBank: Cansu Özbay, Gabi, Bahar Akbay, Thompson, Frantti, Zehra Güneş (Ayça Aykaç, Busa, Van Aalen, Carutasu)

Sets: 25-23, 22-25, 25-22, 23-35, 12-15

Duration: 139 minutes (30, 30, 30, 29, 20)


Minister of Youth and Sports Osman Aşkın Bak congratulated the VakıfBank women’s volleyball team on winning the cup by beating Fenerbahçe Opet 3-2 in the Women’s AXA Sigorta Champions Cup.

Minister Bak added the following statements in his congratulatory message:

“Fenerbahçe Opet, one of the most outstanding clubs in our volleyball, and VakıfBank had a wonderful match in the final of the Volleyball Women’s AXA Sigorta Champions Cup. I wholeheartedly congratulate the VakıfBank women’s volleyball team on winning the cup in this special final. Fenerbahçe Opet women’s volleyball team, with their fight until the last moment “It deserves great praise. I congratulate the valuable athletes, the technical team, the managers and the fans of the yellow and black team.”

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