Dimitris Itoudis: It could have been a different result, but… – Last minute news from Fenerbahçe

At the post-match press conference at the Ülker Sports and Event Hall, Itoudis began his speech by congratulating his team.

Itoudis emphasized that they started the game seriously and scored 14 points in the first 8 minutes with Pierre and continued as follows:

“But Pierre was injured and we lost him. Because of this, we had to keep Hayes-Davis on the field for 40 minutes. After that we tried to break Olympiacos’ ball control and the connection between the big and small players.” The attacks were poor in the third period. The opponent was also good in attack and somehow he came back. But we have a strong squad. Yam Madar returned from injury and made his contribution today. We took advantage of our strong squad. That could have been “A different result, but we played against a very good team. Olympiakos is a team that has played in the Final Four many times. The third third in particular was a lesson for us. We will work on that.”

Explaining that Fenerbahçe fans played a big role in the victory, Itoudis said: “There is a need to be united in the Fenerbahçe family, regardless of the sport. We see that too. Support is very important,” the statement made.

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