The vice president of Kocaelispor, who died of malaria, was buried

Kocaelispor vice-president Emre Can, 48, who died of malaria he contracted in Nigeria where he was watching athletes, was sent on his final journey. Can's older brother Recep Can performed the funeral prayer.

İhlas News Agency

Entrance: 12/16/2023 – 6:28 p.m To update: 12/16/2023 – 6:28 p.m



    The vice president of Kocaelispor was buried

Kocaelispor Vice President and businessman Ekrem Can (48) and Kocaelispor President Engin Koyun traveled to Nigeria 15 days ago. Here Can visited the city's football academies and sports facilities and watched the athletes. Ekrem Can, who suffered from malaise, weakness and malaria in Nigeria, continued his illnesses when he returned to Kocaeli. Can, whose health was deteriorating day by day, was admitted to a private hospital in Gebze district. Ekrem Can, whose illness reportedly progressed to pneumonia, died this morning at the hospital where he had been receiving treatment for two days.

He was sent on his final journey

The body of Can, who is married and has two children, was received by his family and taken to the Karamürsel district. For the funeral prayer; Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tahir Büyükakın, Kocaeli CHP MP Harun Özgür Yıldızlı, AK Party-MKYK member İlyas Şeker, Kocaelispor President Engin Koyun and Kocaelispor football players were present. Can's body was buried after the funeral prayer of his older brother Recep Can.

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