The victory in the Tenzor Cup goes to Team Tenzor


Sailing enthusiasts in Turkey have founded the J/70 Association under the Sailing Federation. While Istanbul-based AP Facility Management, in collaboration with the Turkish J/70 Association, plans to organize a five-stage winter series for J70, the first stage of these races, which will determine the fastest in the sea, has been completed.


The main goal of the organization founded under the name “Tenzor International Cup Open Winter Series 2023-2024” will be to offer racing at the highest level. The aim of the TIC (Tenzor International Cup) is to bring together the world's best teams and athletes in Bodrum every month from December 2023 to April 2024.


The 2023-2024 TICOWS calendar, in which the first phase is completed, is as follows:

Phase 2: 11th-14th January 2024

Phase 3: 8th-11th February 2024

Phase 4: 7th – 10th March 2024

5th stage (final): 11-14. April 2024

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