LIVE GOLD PRICES | How much does Quarter Gold cost on Tuesday, November 21, 2023? How many TL is grams of gold?

💥LIVE GOLD PRICES – Tuesday, November 21st Today, investors and citizens are wondering about the current situation with gold. The price of gold, which depends on the domestic market and greatly influences purchasing power, continues to be the safest haven among investment instruments in our country. So how much is a gram of gold, how much is a quarter of gold? Here is the current situation and current prices below…

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Tuesday, November 21st Live Gold Prices 2023…


Buy grams of gold: 1,842.09₺

Gram Gold Sale: ₺1,842.40

📌How much does quarter gold cost?

Quarter gold purchase: ₺3,065.00

Quarterly Gold Sales: ₺3,104.00

📌How much does half gold cost?

Half gold purchase: ₺6,142.00

Half Gold Sale: ₺6,200.00

📌How much does gold cost exactly?

Full Gold Purchase: ₺12,247.00

Full Gold Sale: ₺12,350.00

📌How much does the gold of the Republic cost?

Purchase of Republic Gold: ₺12,381.00

Republic Gold Sales: ₺12,568.00

📌How much does ATA Gold cost?

Buying Ata Gold: ₺12,567.00

Ata Gold Sale: ₺12,675.00

NOTE: Current information on gold prices Tuesday, November 21st Day SAReceived on August 6th.

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