Hasan Arat: We are ready to solve all Beşiktaş problems! – Latest Beşiktaş News

Hasan Arat announced that he will be running for president in the next Beşiktaş elections, stating that the black and white community has long been restless and concerned and that the current government should make an extraordinary electoral decision as soon as possible.

Hasan Arat issued a statement on his social media account, saying: “The ongoing developments in Beşiktaş have created irreparable uncertainty. Our community has long been restless and concerned. Beşiktaş has not a day to lose with the current government. Beşiktaş.” has decided to bring the Executive Board to the decision of the Extraordinary Electoral Congress. I invite our community to rest in peace, we are ready to solve all problems of Beşiktaş,” he said.

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