GALATASARAY NEWS – Another reaction from Dursun Özbek to TFF!

Galatasaray club president Dursun Özbek reacted to the federation’s decision to set up a pre-1959 championship commission.

In a statement to club television, Özbek explained that it was not right to ignore the decisions made by the previous associations.

Özbek stressed that federations should not make decisions to please anyone, saying: “The federation needs to hold its hat to itself and think again. So that opens the door. Tomorrow we will disclose and discuss the decisions made by this association.” It. It never ends. The biggest thing to think about here is the past. I ignore the decisions of the associations. The association is a private institution, nobody is involved in it. I can’t understand it.” used the phrases.

Noting that the decision in question was previously subject to arbitration, Özbek went on to say:

“The association has to be very careful. I said here yesterday that tomorrow someone else will say: ‘I don’t like this decision, let’s set up a board again, let’s examine this issue again’.” There is no end to this. Moreover, this decision has already been submitted to arbitration. “We have started to question the decision of the arbitration. That said, this arbitration also made a mistake. It’s nothing but an attempt to do the right thing now. I think that’s very inappropriate.” “We’ve launched another non-football debate, which has nothing to do with football and is on the agenda.” They’re in the middle of the season like a pre-season bombshell placed. Now we will be discussing this for another year. While the development of Turkish football is trying to increase the brand value of Turkish football, we are doing it with our own hands. We do everything we can to lower our brand value as much as possible. The decisions made by the Turkish Football Association therefore do not matter. The next association may find these decisions unnecessary or may have made a decision without proper review. That’s why I always think it was a decision to open the door to such chaos.”

Noting that they thought the federation’s decision to set up a committee was very wrong, Özbek said: “It was a very wrong decision. The subject has been studied many times. For 40 years nobody thought about it, 40 years later it says: Let’s take a look at this topic. Can there be such logic, is there such a thing? That is said. There are many things but we try to focus on the football instead of triggering the event. Let’s focus on Turkish football, these are decisions made outside the green field, not decisions within football. Some friends always have such a wish. There is a desire to take football off the field, to discuss it there, to create an agenda. I think this is wrong. As Galatasaray, we condemn this decision.” gave his assessment.

Özbek stated that he sees ignoring the decisions made in the past as a betrayal of the above governments and concluded his speech as follows:

“Bankrupt traders used to mess up the old books. We have arrived at this situation. Turkish football doesn’t need that. I don’t want to tire the agenda too much. I tried to express how my club sees the event and what it’s like.” looks at it. Galatasaray will follow this deal to the end. Football has today, this decision is today. What use has it brought? Let’s see how much it will change our image at UEFA.

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