Fenerbahce Deputy Chairman Erol Bilecik’s ‘Debt’ Response to Aziz Yıldırım!

Fenerbahçe Sports Club Vice-Chairman and Spokesman Erol Bilecik responded to Aziz Yıldırım’s statement on the club’s debt.

Erol Bilecik’s statement reads as follows:

“I have followed with sadness the statements made by the former president of our association, Mr. Aziz Yıldırım, in which he mentioned my name and our former manager in financial matters.

When we took office in May 2018, our financial reports were not prepared and consolidated in accordance with international accounting standards and the independent audit was only performed within the board of Futbol A.Ş, which is required by law. In summary, our members were not provided with the necessary information on financial issues, the information was not reported according to the required criteria and there was no independent body to verify it!

As you can see in the image below, the independent auditing firm Ernst & Young (EY) have performed the following: You can find the consolidated financial statements of Fenerbahçe Sports Club Association for the year ended 31 May 2018 and the statement of debt detailed in the independent auditor’s report below see in detail.

Erol Bilecik: “Dear Fenerbahce fans, numbers don’t lie! I shared 612 million euros with you. With the same control discipline, despite all possible negative conditions, this debt has been reduced to 386 million euros on December 31, 2022.” The financial statements published with the note are as follows:


Former Fenerbahçe President Aziz Yıldırım provided figures on the financial status of his tenure at the press conference last week and criticized Fenerbahçe management, particularly Presidents Ali Koç and Erol Bİlecik.

Yıldırım made the following statements in his statement:

It says $612 million, or whatever we call it, 420 million. We drop 100, 320 million. Let’s accept our debts, I demand and I say. Let Congress pool its assets based on the numbers I mentioned and sell those assets above those values. I’ll take them all I will gather my friends, go to the state, get them and Fenerbahçe’s debt will be paid. Today the Ülker Arena is worth 150 million dollars. There is a buyer for everything. Fenerbahçe College and its property are worth $50 million today. They’ve already graduated from college. These children are our children, we cannot throw them out. We must think of children before families. Let the family association go and talk to Mr. Ali Koç and find a place. I’m willing to pay the rent and everything there with my friends. If the building is to be demolished, let’s demolish it immediately, I will build the college that is to be built there myself. Join if anyone wants. Children come there after a year and continue reading. We didn’t start the college with the idea of ​​making money. We did it to develop the spirit of Fenerbahçe. There are sports schools in Dereagzı. Families cannot come in. The children train there, they cannot watch. Former members cannot enter Dereağzı. This club is not owned by fans, members of Congress, Fenerbahce or individuals. If you want unity and togetherness, you will eliminate them. Last year, Ozan Balaban bought a ticket with his 12-year-old kid and goes to the basketball game. It cannot be cancelled. This year Selim Kosif tweeted that you are doing it wrong. He can say what will happen. You canceled. If you want unity, remove it. On the one hand you will say: help us, on the other hand you will curse us. “We will not allow that,” he said.


Explaining the value of the properties owned by Fenerbahçe, Aziz Yıldırım stated that some of the villas have been sold: “Fenerium costs $50 million, Topuk Plateau costs $50 million. Ankara $30 million, Gebze properties over $40 million.” I asked yesterday, they do nothing. “Other lands, there are more than 550,000 hectares of land. Their value is 30 million. The mansions were valued at $8 million. They sold it for $4.5 million. There were houses they sold.” They ate. Fenerbahce University, today you can’t build it for 50 million dollars. Their combined value is $458 million. Let them get General Assembly approval with those numbers, but not because I have the authority. If they get the approval of the General Assembly, I will take over the operation of all of them. Let’s say there is an exchange rate difference of $458 million, 10 percent. more assets. I’ve always said that if you have assets, if there is value for your debts, your debts will not bother you. But that’s what the press says. What is the content of 612. Let’s open it. Again , I will nominate three of my friends . We’ll assign them, let them go to the club. Let them sit whoever they want. Have them determine the amount of debt and assets at the time we conduct it. If the debt is too high I will pay the word of honor and honor. But if they are not honest, honorable men, let them tell the public that they are, as far as everyone knows. I want that, I don’t want anything else. Anyone who says the word $612 million again, I will take them to court. Let them open it, let’s see what’s inside, it’s a lie. These are all stories,” he said.

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