Statements from Galatasaray’s Okan Buruk: Before conceding the goal, we…

Galatasaray played away against German leaders Bayern Munich in the fourth game of UEFA Champions League Group A. The yellow-reds left the game with a 1-2 defeat, in which they fought hard.

Galatasaray coach Okan Buruk made a statement after the game.


“I don’t want to blame our problem directly on the referee. In both games we played the best game possible against a team like Bayern Munich. Davies could have been thrown out with the second yellow penalty. If you give the foul, you also have to give the second yellow. Before the first goal we conceded, we stepped on Barış’s foot. These are the breaking points. .

Icardi’s muscles stiffened and he had to leave because he didn’t feel well. Angelino also had cramps. We are paying attention to Ziyech because he is playing consecutive games and we want to extend his playing time. We don’t have any serious injuries at the moment.

We could have a completely different balance sheet at the moment. I may have spoken as a member of the group. You have to evaluate the incoming positions. We’re doing well in terms of play. A lot of new players came to us and we started to work better together as a team within the current system. Our next goal is to win the last two games and get out of the group.

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