Statement from Manchester United about the Galatasaray game

About two thousand yellow and red fans watched from the home stand the game in which Manchester United, one of the English Premier League teams, lost 3-2 to Galatasaray at the Old Trafford Stadium in the second week of the UEFA Champions League.

Anadolu Agency

Entrance: 10/14/2023 – 00:47 To update: 10/14/2023 – 00:47



    Statement from ManU on the Galatasaray game!

Sam Kelleher, the club’s fan service manager, made a statement on the issue on Manchester United’s official fan forum, confirming claims that around two thousand yellow and red fans watched the game from the United stands.

The club’s operations manager, Collette Roche, explained that although the Galatasaray fan was noticed in the Manchester United stands, no action was taken because “his forcible removal poses a security risk” and that there was no violence during the game came to the stands.

News reports in the British press claimed that some of the fans with Manchester United tickets had sold their tickets to Galatasaray spectators before the game, and the British club was criticized for failing to prevent this situation.

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