Semih Kılıçsoy's answer to the question about the “record transfer fee” – Beşiktaş last minute news

Beşiktaş defeated Trabzonspor 2-0 at home in the 24th week of the Super League.

Semih Kılıçsoy, who became a star with the two goals he scored in the game, made a statement after the game.

The young star expressed his satisfaction with the win and said: “We are very happy. It was the game we had to win. We worked very well. “We reflected on what we worked for,” and said the following about the two goals he scored:

“I helped my team by scoring two goals. I am very happy. My main position is striker. I am happy with my goals. It has always been my dream to wear the national team jersey. I'm very glad about that. “I am working. Our communication with Montella continues. We have dreams and goals…”

The station's reporter said: “Arda Güler and Sacha Boey were sold for record-breaking amounts. Do you think you can break this record?” When asked, Semih Kılıçsoy replied: “I don't think much about these things, I concentrate on playing. “I always try to do better,” he said.

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