İbrahim Yattara's new team has been announced! – Latest football news

Former Trabzonspor star football player İbrahim Yattara was transferred to İmranlıspor, one of the super amateur sports clubs in Sivas.

İbrahim Yattara, who played football for Trabzonspor for years and won the love of fans, decided to continue his football life in an amateur sport in Sivas.

In this context, Yattara was transferred to İmranlıspor, which had difficulty gaining promotion from the Sivas Super Amateur League to the regional Amateur League. İmranlıspor Club signed a contract with the former Guinea national football player for the duration of the play-off games. Imranlıspor Club President Adnan Avcı and the club's lawyer Enes Yüksel were also present at the signing ceremony in Istanbul.

It was announced that İbrahim Yattara, who will play in the play-off games starting February 18, will travel to İmranlı in the coming days, meet the team and start training.

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