Flash words from Erman Toroğlu! Watch the Wind of Lies video

A lightning statement came from master commentator Erman Toroğlu during halftime of the match between Galatasaray and Yılport Samsunspor in the 24th week of the Trendyol Super League. Toroğlu said: “The minute showed 15 minutes, the ball did not reach Muslera and G.Saray was 2-0 ahead. He played fast, but after that they didn't last much longer. Samsunspor plays what they know, they don’t play.” Depending on the situation. They don't do anything special. The same was the case in the F.Bahçe game. “If they score, it’s 1-0 or 1-1. They seem to be attacking, but they have no chance of getting a position. The wind of lies…” he said. Here are these words…

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