Fenerbahçe Extraordinary General Assembly Statement! – Latest news from Fenerbahce

Fenerbahce, who failed to achieve the Super League championship goal, got a great reaction from fans to management. After the resignation calls, the statement of the extraordinary general assembly came from the yellow-navy club’s official website. Here are the details…

The Fenerbahçe club’s statement reads as follows:

Dear community, from the 5th season, when I was acting as president under our club umbrella, unfortunately our football team could not reach the championship, which is the only criterion for success for Fenerbahçe.

Because of this and the negative situation of our community, I would like to share some of my views.

First and foremost, we understand and feel the experiences of each and every one of our supporters and members, who put Fenerbahçe at the center of their lives, who rejoice in their success and who are devastated by their grief.

As an expression of all these feelings, we also accept with understanding and respect the requests of the Extraordinary General Assembly from a part of our community.

I have previously stated that if there are candidates for Distinguished Chairman and Board of Directors who aspire to lead our Fenerbahçe, we are ready to go to the Extraordinary General Assembly.

While I stress that I stand behind this stance, the public is also aware that no official candidate has emerged since the day I made the decision.

Dear Fenerbahce fans,

To date, Fenerbahçe have not featured in the league for nine seasons, the negative events in a row have affected everything and unfortunately our community is separated.

In the context of all these facts, it is an indisputable fact that at the beginning of the team planning process for the new season there is no presidential candidate and that the extraordinary election of the General Assembly – given the date on which it can take place according to our constitution – carries the risk of Alienate Fenerbahçe from their goals for another season.

In the event of an Extraordinary General Assembly, the fact that the term of office of the new Board of Directors is limited to one year represents a serious obstacle to stable operations.

Despite these risks, I would like to say once again that if there is a candidate for the presidency, we are ready to go to the Extraordinary General Assembly today.

If this path is not preferred, we are preparing our members of Congress, who will be running for our ordinary general election assembly in June 2024, in the best possible and best possible way for the tasks that they will take on from the date of their candidacy in a healthy way;

All kinds of opportunities, information and details of our club are open to respectable presidential candidates within the legal framework. If necessary, you will receive answers to your questions from us.


The planning of the football team for the 2023/24 season has started, deficiencies have been identified, budgets are being drawn up within Fenerbahçe’s goals and transfer negotiations are ongoing.

In the short term, our football team has the goal of the Turkish Cup in mind.

My request to you is that we gather around Fenerbahçe to win the Turkish Cup on June 11th and start the season by winning the Super Cup after that result.

Fenerbahce’s main need is to feel the power of their fans behind them.

With my infinite respect for our community,

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