Ankaragücü coach Emre Belözoğlu: Our goal is to reach the final!

MKE Ankaragücü coach Emre Belözoğlu said after the 24Erzincanspor game: “Our goal in the cup is clearly to reach the final. I think we have the strength to do it. We can keep up if we stay true to our organization.”

MKE Ankaragücü defeated 24 Erzincanspor 5-1 in the round of 16 match of the Turkish Cup Ziraat. Coach Belözoğlu made a statement after the game at MKE Ankaragücü, stating that the trophy for MKE Ankaragücü is both the club's legacy and the goal of its players, saying: “I think we also showed that in this game “We had both the first division and a Super League team eliminated against us and we were valuable and there is an important team. I congratulate them too. I think they have achieved great success by coming here. For us we have had nine wins, 9 draws and 4 defeats in our 22 games since we arrived. I think our friends did a good job. Our goal is to win the cup too. “To clearly make it to the final. I think we have the power.” We can compete if we stay true to our organization. However, I think we can achieve this if we make this continuous and continuous,” he said.

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